My Sister Discovered a Universal Language (but Hasn’t Spoken Since 2003)

A shudder of revulsion rocked through me at the sound of each mangled phoneme. I could hear her voice, but it dripped with caustic venom, dragging over hot coals buried in the deepest ocean and clawing at the edges of sanity with angry talons. It was wrong. These awful words, this sickening language was never meant to be spoken by man. Science won’t support me, but I know in my bones these words have power man wasn’t meant to use…

The Tomb Raider Challenge: 3. Open the Door

His movements were those of something learning how to use his body for the first time, shaky and slightly confused, but absolutely determined to make it work. His feet landed like lead weights, threatening to snap his ankles at each step when the body weight followed. And when he spoke it was with a voice thick and slow, like he’d popped some uppers after downing a bottle of NyQuil and was caught in the slurred limbo between the two.

The Tomb Raider Challenge: 1. Bring a Stolen Gun

An ominous red button swam into view as I scrolled to the end of the list. “Accept Terms?” it asked, waiting for me to tap it. I couldn’t tell you why, but in that moment a thread of panic tightened around my heart. I thought about just grabbing Chris and running for the car, but I knew the dummy would have already accepted the terms, so I was stuck. For better or worse I was already a part of this, whether I tapped that button or not.


He looked kinda sweaty. Like he’d been running a marathon. He had this wild look in his eyes when he stalked up to the desk, and his eyes never stopped moving around the room. He said he was looking for a notebook…